Steven Vail Fine Arts provides Fair Market Value and Replacement Cost appraisals for the following:

              - Bankruptcy                                                                                     - Divorce

              - Equitable Distribution                                                                  - Estate Planning

              - Estate Tax                                                                                      - Expert Witness Service

              - Financial Planning                                                                         - Gift Tax

              - Insurance Claim Appraisals                                                         - Insurance Coverage

              - Non-Cash Charitable Donation                                                  - Trusts Conservatorships


We carefully examine all properties on site. Afterwards we will supply you with a complete analysis including:

       - Identification
       - Photography
       - Measurement
       - Description
       - Condition
       - Evaluation


Value conclusions for appraisals are based on comparable sales analysis for each item.

       - Identification of Marks & Labels
       - Identification of Artists/Creators
       - Verification of Dates
       - Location of Comparable Items
       - Investigation of Markets


Clients are provided two copies (or more, as requested- specialty bindings can be arranged) of the completed appraisal, including:     

       - Cover documents detailing the process, definitions, market, and total valuation
       - Appraiser’s Qualifications to perform the appraisal
       - Identification, description, photograph and value of each item


Appraisal fees are based on an hourly rate and include factors such as on-site time, research time, documentation and report preparation time and travel. There is a minimum rate of $375 per hour. Steven Vail Fine Arts appraisals follow the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) format and the Code of Ethics required by all professional appraisal societies, and are accepted and highly regarded by insurance companies, courts of law, and government agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service.

1501 Walnut Street (Gallery)
304 15th Street (Office)
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
1501 Walnut Street (Gallery)
304 15th Street (Office)
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
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