Edgard Camacho


Edgard Camacho
Edgard Camacho (Venezuelan, b. 1979) Venezuelan artist Edgard Camacho has joined Steven Vail Fine Arts roster. Since an early age he developed an interest in figurative art and The Latin New Figuration, although he did not officially begin his art career until his early twenties. In a statement, Steven Vail, the gallery’s founder, said of Edgard Camacho, “The mysterious beauty of his work adds a new and important diversity to our stable of artists and is seen throughout his challenging and complex use of mediums that bring together physical, metaphysical, and emotional qualities.” Camacho rapidly became part of the list of “Best Upcoming Contemporary Artists” by the National Culture Center in Venezuela, a recognition that helped him to show nationally and internationally. In 2004 he was forced to move to United States of America and later relocated to Fairfield, Iowa in 2012. He earned a BFA from Maharishi University of Management in 2015 under the advisory of artist Jim Shrosbree. Learning Transcendental Meditation turned Camacho`s figurative art approaches into abstractions: He switched from forms into shapes and from backgrounds into planes. The Venezuelan artist moves around these two constant elements to understand dimension and space, not only to create compositions, but “Visual investigations”. He currently lives and works in Des Moines, IA.