Carmen Calvo


Carmen Calvo
Carmen Calvo (Spanish, b. 1950) Carmen Calvo was born in Valencia, Spain in 1950. After studying publicity she was admitted to the School of Arts and Trade in Valencia and after into the Fine Arts. About the middle of the 70's, she entertained the idea of archaeological items, starting a series of works that incorporated those fragments. ​Since her early influences of Pop Art and Post Minimalism, Carmen Calvo has developed a uniquely singlular identity based on a visual language that is characterised by the appropriation of objects, often with deep connections to the historic memory and in danger of disappearing, that she recovers and manipulates employing a heterogeneous combination of mediums. Using rubber, collage, drawing, gold-leaf, diverse objects or anonymous photographs, enlarged and manipulated, Calvo presents us with her own particular vision of the human condition with the figure as the main protagonist. They are anonymous personages that evoke an irrecoverable past of our history while commenting on contemporary reality. One of the most recognized of Spanish artists, Carmen Calvo, has enjoyed a broad international museum exhibition program. She represented Spain at the Venice Biennale in 1997 and has been the focus of important retrospective exhibitions in museums such as the IVAM (1990, 2007) and the Museum of Contemporary Art Reina Sofia, amongst others. Calvo has an impressive history in Europe, but has also shown in the Americas. She has collections at the Guggenheim Museum and the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York, also, at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas Sofia Imber in Caracas. Her extensive exhibition record and an unequivocal commitment to experimental work have served to place the work of Carmen Calvo amongst the most significant within Spanish Art of today.,h_400,c_fill/fnid37b4t48sf7ddi4yi.jpg