Andy Burgess

Brazil House (4/18), 2017
Color relief on paper
22 x 26 in (55.88 x 66.04 cm)
This work has been sold. Please inquire about other works by this artist.
Hand signed and numbered by the artist. In excellent condition. From Fallingwater to the Kaufmann House, midcentury architectural masterworks loom large in the public imagination as they continue to influence our built landscape. These familiar icons find new poignancy in the work of Tucson, Arizona, artist Andy Burgess, who illuminates classic modernist homes in dreamlike, prismatic paintings. Though painstakingly rendered, his works aren’t aiming for authentic likeness. “I’m not interested in photorealism,” the artist says. “I want to explore how paintings can capture how aspirational and romantic these places can be.” His earliest works were strictly abstract, but, he says, “I eventually felt like I was painting myself into a corner. I found I needed something in the real world to paint, and these architectural scenes had all the geometry and abstraction I needed.”