Bernar Venet

3B (+) (17/21), 2001
2-color silkscreen on Arches watercolor, hot press, 640 gsm paper
22 x 30 in (55.88 x 76.20 cm)
drawer 3 right publisher stamp lower right verso edition 17 of 24 lower left recto signed and dated (2001) by artist lower right recto Excellent condition and vibrant color Like his work from the same year, 1B (+), this print features a field equation. The mathematical concept of a field is crucial to our understanding of the world because it explains how everything interacts with each other. In an interview with Stephen Kennedy, Venet says “Look, consider E=mc^2. This is pure beauty. Here is the story of the universe coded in so few symbols. There is power in those symbols.” In contrast to his earlier works in which he solely worked in black and white, this print is featured on a brightly colored background. By placing this beautiful equation on a blue background, Venet intends to highlight the idea that this equation is art, forcing it to stand out further from the white walls of the gallery or museum on which it will inevitably be displayed.
3B (+) by Bernar Venet

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