Jim Dine


Jim Dine
Jim Dine was born in Cincinatti, Ohio in 1935. He received his BFA at Ohio University, but has also studied at the University of Cincinnati and the Boston Museum School. Dine is best known for his drawings and prints, but has also created several three-dimensional environments. As a young artist, Dine was greatly influenced by Pop Art, turning everyday objects and images into the subjects of his work. He has incorporated various materials into his works, including seashells, tools, shoes, and rope. He even affixed his own bathroom sink to a canvas. This addition of found objects is both intentional and personal to Dine. His use of tools reflects childhood memories of his grandparents’ hardware store. One recurring theme of Dine’s of the heart-a constant presence of feeling. The heart is a place in which Dine can project his thoughts and emotions. He turns everyday objects and images into a canvas of expression and emotion. ​ Dine first earned respect in the art world working on Happenings, a chaotic performance that contrasted with the current mood of the art world at the time, with Claes Oldenburg and Allan Kaprow. His work was also shown in what is considered the first Pop Art exhibition in America, New Painting of Common Objects. ​ His work has been exhibited in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, Pace Gallery, NY, The Contemporary Arts Center, OH, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, TX, Des Moines Art Center, IA, and various sites in Europe and Japan.